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30th August 2007

subgirl12:37pm: Woo, super goth paint (har)

It's actually really awesome and super opaque and makes me happy otherwise, but I realized it's appropriate for this nearly-dead journal.

Golden Paint, Fluid Acrylic in Bone Black


Pigment Classification: Natural Inorganic

Chemical Description: Carbonized Bones

(amorphous carbon)

Opacity/Transparency: 2

Lightfastness Rating: I

Permanency: Excellent

Colour Index Name: PBk 9

Colour Index Number: 77267

Munsell Notation Listing:

Hue Black

Value 1.00

Chroma 0.5

Pantone Matching System: Pantone Black

Spectrophotometer Readings: N/A

Viscosity Range: 20000-24000 CPS

PH Range: 8.3-9.0

Gloss Average: 32.62

CIE L*a*b* Values: L*24.58 a*-0.03 b*-0.46

Tint Strength: 78.87

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13th September 2006

grace_batmonkey7:53pm: Ending Soon! Ms. Eerie, Several Harder-to-Find Dolls, Great Deals!
I've got 12 Living Dead Doll auctions ending very soon - if you don't act quickly, you might miss out!

Ms. Eerie has NO bids on her at all. You could get a superb deal on a doll renowned as a great customisation base. The other dolls are going for some insanely low prices at this point - all but 3 are well under $20, and those over $20 are still going for much lower than they normally do.

You'll find these amazing deals here.

Thanks for looking :D

(x-posted to: auctiondollies, livingdeaddolls, darkfleamarket, hardcorecrafts, and my own journal)
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9th September 2006

grace_batmonkey9:47am: Dolls for Projects?
On the advice of mskoi, I'm posting this here in case any of you are interested:

I'm auctioning off Living Dead Dolls I've culled from my collection. Now, most of them aren't going to be interesting to you guys, I know, but I thought maybe a couple of them might make for some great doll customisation projects.

All of the auctions are here, but these are the ones I thought you guys might be interested in:
Envy - she's got green skin and long black hair. I think the possibilities are potentially endless as to what can be done with her.
Gluttony - ever felt frustrated that you're constrained to one body type when customising? This overweight version of the LDDs gives you a great base for all kinds of mods. And it doesn't have to stay male, either - cleaning off the face paint gives you a blank canvas.
Greed - plain body/face but with squintier eyes than they normally have, and she has white hair with a black streak.
Great Zombini & Viv - 2 dolls! The Great Zombini will be a perfect blank template once his paint and costume are cleared away. And Viv - his lovely assistant - can be split in half.

If you've got questions about any of those, let me know.

2nd June 2006

tura6:15pm: Supplies for making/ dressing dolls
The other day a friend and I were talking about how much of a pain it is to curl doll hair - and today I found this site that sells little curling irons!  So I though I would share it.


30th May 2006

subgirl2:30am: Doll hair is a whore.
I'm actually paralleling mskoi's doll modifying, only in a cut-the-head-off-and-add-electronics sort of way... not in the whole... sexah way she's doing hers.

But, I discovered, as a response to a question she had regarding dying synthetic doll hair...

Manic Panic works.

I just got done making a mess of the disembodied scalp of my current zombie robot in construction and she's stewing in a vinyl glove (I realize that time doesn't affect the staining power of dye on plastic hair, it just makes me feel like I'm doing it right or something).

I'll show photos once it's rinsed and dried.

I really really need to resurrect this community. Seriously.

Ok, so the manic panic didn't really work. I'm baffled. It stained my stainless steel sink, everything it touches... and blonde doll hair is purple at the roots (it interacted with the silver sharpie I painted her scalp with) and light pink in places.


Perhaps it's because Manic Panic sucks and I'm thinking Special Effects might work better.
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21st January 2005

subgirl4:53pm: Preserving bug carcasses?
Here's a question for the, like, one person on this community. I'm facing the task of taking down all this stuff I have nailed to a wall in my old bedroom at my parent's house. One of these items is a spider that was crawling down the wall and got stuck to the exposed sticky-side of a magnetic anti-theft sticker... eight years ago. He died and is all dessicated n stuff. Now, this sticker is rubber cemented to the glass in a picture frame... I was thinking some sort of clear resin-y polymer-y something-or-other that I could embalm him in that would be solid....

I'm pretty sure that I can get this sticker off the glass without mr. spidey disintegrating (dunno, he hasn't been touched since he got stuck there) and I'd like to solidify him somehow... like put in a baby food jar and fill that with some sort of clear hard resin or something. Any ideas?

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24th September 2004

rackletang11:21am: ...
Does anyone have any use for 750 sheets of letter size, medium-weight card stock?

EDIT: It has all been spoken for. Thanks guys!

9th June 2004

blaspheme83:31pm: Four oh ThreeCollapse )

17th May 2004

ex_mskoi7516:22pm: Sticking paper to paper... and everything else.
Lately, I've been using an acid free, permanent glue stick and a brayer to get pieces of paper to stick to other pieces of paper (for this maddening art journal project). I normally use a 9:1 or 8:2 pva/water mix applied with a brush or light sponging, but even that low water mix was too wet and wrinkle inducing for the book project (its just fine for pasting book pages to wood). I was wondering what everyone else likes to use for pasting and gluing.

Once I knock down this journal project, I'm moving on to the piles of empty crab shells, tiny dolls, dead frogs, and blown eggs over under the stereo shelf. I cannot be stopped. But lets talk paper for now.
subgirl6:55pm: Archival-a-go-go
Just got this Dick Blick-sized catalog in the mail today.


It makes me want to actually give two shits about the archivality of my stuff.

Eh, maybe some other day.
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15th May 2004

subgirl4:09am: HAH!
A book bearing the same title.

subgirl4:05am: various n sundry
Links I copied from the inspiration journal.


They have a lot of metal findings that are sized just right for books.


Here's a resource for stab bindings:
it's expensive, but it's in a lot of libraries.

This one doesn't look so geigh.

This one looks maybe a little hokey, but no rubber duckies or lace

This is the other one I have that I reference a lot for different simple ideas.

This is a resource I use for papermaking and supplies as well as made papers.

This is where I want to go for my MFA, their links are yummy.

Sexy paper that makes me cry and gives me goosebumps.

Have you had enough? I've got more! :P
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